There was a catastrophic event hundreds of years ago that eliminated much of the population of the world and left the cities uninhabited. Most races survive as collections of subsistence hunter/gatherer/farmers. There is conflict between races and even between groups of the same race; mostly over resources. The groups of people remain small because all races seem to be under constant threat of attack by creatures. Not much is known about these creatures except that they revel in carnage and occasionally kidnap people. Therefore, most people are constantly moving in an attempt to remain hidden.

Skilled craftsman are some of the most important people in many of these small societies. Carpenters, blacksmiths, hunters, healers, and other skilled laborers are the difference between life and death for many groups. There is no heavy industry so much of the raw material (such as metal and glass) is scavenged from the detritus of the previous society. The cities are still full of artifacts but legend has it that the creatures live and breed in the cities and very few people attempt to scavenge from the cities. There is also legend of an area known as the Deadlands, a creeping pestilence that is slowly expanding across the world…


Adventure Log

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The Falling Stars

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