The Falling Stars

July 22nd Session

Written from the perspective of the splity party of Petrik, Lars, raak, Unkaa:


  • This part of the party split off to lay ambush for Horros, who never showed.
  • What did show was a grotesque, horse-sized wolf with translucent skin, a eerie howl and a distended, gorged belly.
  • After that fight, the party decided to catch up to Sciopor’s half of the party.

((Insert here: Sciopor’s description of the fight with the sailors, whereupon Gato mauled a motherfucker))

Once united with Sciopor and Gato, the party managed to talk with the sailors (a couple of which who have just been maimed by Gato), and convince the captain to take them on board to sail for Uthmere. Bartering healing services for passage, the sailors and the party are wary of each other but no futher incident occurs between them on the ship … until …

The ship is assaulted by two megaladon — 60’ long, gargantuan sharks. A couple people from the party and many sailors are thrown over board. Some sailors are swallowed whole.


  • Lars summons several octopodes to ink the water and save lives. How heroic.
  • Petrik is swallowed whole. How tragic.
  • Petrik panics and decides to expand The Cube, blowing the shark up. How awesome.
  • Petrik inadvertently capsizes the boat, kills many of the sailors, traps other ones below deck and strands the party in the middle of the ocean amidst a veritable shit-ton of megaladon chum. How OMGWTF.



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