The Falling Stars

July 8th Session

Midway during the trip from the plateau to The Citadel, the group received a message from Teagan:

Knowledge you lack. Possible illusions. Do not trust. Follow rivers south until sea of Fallen Stars. Wait for me at Uthmere, city of towers.

So the group reversed course from NE towards The Citadel, to SSW along the river towards Uthmere.

Along the trip they were attacked by two skeletal scorpion type creatures. Soon after, after much discussion, the group decided to split.

Sciopor, the older girl, and Gato headed on towards Uthmere.

Petrik, Lars, Unca, Raak and the younger girl stayed. Lars had scryed on Horros via the Scrying Bowl, and believes Horros is in the same forest and heading towards the party. They intend to ambush him.

Other notes:

  • The night after splitting, both parties were attacked. Sciopor’s party was attacked by a Dire Bear, and Lar’s party was attacked by large, ragged undead with the skeletal head of a horse.
  • Petrik’s magic bow broke.
  • Lars gave Sciopor the necklace of health.
  • Petrik sent Gato with Sciopor.



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