Current #1 Nemesis, necromancer, human


Older human spellcaster. Definitely necromantic leaning.
“He has long greasy hair and an air of fanaticism.”

“Horros is a devotee of the goddess Pharasma. He has been capturing and studying the undead in an attempt to reverse the course of the disease. The disease can be spread through the bite of an undead but people have been known to spontaneously recover.”

Known to command, or at least not be mobbed by, huge numbers of undead.

Has created or commanded at least one large undead giant that was sent after the party when they were on the blasted plain by The Cube.

May also have someway to summon or control giant white worms.

Spells witnessed:

  • Fly (or levitate)
  • Wind Wall
  • Dancing Swords (not sure what this spell is)

Petrik, Sciopor, Lars, and Raak came across a mostly empty city, though with a small cell of humans living amongst undead.

Horros, their leader, let the party rest during the day.

At night, Horros attacked the party with a horde of undead and some type of devious giant worm.

The party escaped, and Horros’ daughters followed to join the party.

Horros has since sent undead after the party and also come himself.


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