Lars Godfrey

Human Cleric/Monk


Lars stands 5’9" and 145 lbs. He keeps his head shaven but if he let it grow out it would be sun-kissed brown in color. He looks to be about 35 years old
Currently Lars is wearing what is left of a tattered woolen robe and cloak. His clothes have visible burn holes in them. He has a plain pair of leather boots but they, like his robes, have seen better days.
You can see a wooden holy symbol of Sarenrae hanging from his neck. Lars is wearing a plain looking necklace and a studded leather headband. He has a worn leather backpack slung over his shoulder. If you look close, you can see a tattoo on his left forearm. Upon close inspection it is a tattoo of his holy symbol.

Stats as of 7/27/11
Human Monk 1 Cleric 9
Character level 10

HP 61
AC 20
Touch 20
Flat 17
CMB +6
CMD +25

Saving Throws:
Fortitude 7, Reflex +7, Will +15*
2 Will vs fear and +2 Will vs charm or compulsion)

Notable Skills:
acrobatics 8, climb 10, diplomacy, 15, heal 20,kn religion 7, perception, 13, sense motive 13, spellcraft 15, survival 12, swim 6

wooden holy symbol (worn as necklace)
Leather backpack
waterskin (stored in backpack)
healing bad x48 uses left (stored in backpack)
holy book (which is wet now what we are floating in the ocean) (stored in backpack)
bloodless brain matter (2grams worth) (stored in backpack)
glowing crystal parts (stored in backpack)
large crystal 30″×12″×12″ (stored in backpack)
exploding crystals x5 (stored in backpack)
symbol of healing x2 (kept in front pocket of my robe)

Current Magic items:
Bowl of divination
Necklace +2 con and Darkvision
Headband of Inspired Wisdom


When Lars was very small, barely old enough to remember the details: his entire tribe was wiped out by some horrible plague. Lars is able to recall bits and pieces but the majority of the plague events are fuzzy.
A neighboring tribe found Lars and took him in. This small tribal village was carved from the side of a sandstone cliff.
Ever since the plague that nearly killed Lars, his health has been very poor. He often has shortness of breath and coughs.
Lars quickly become the apprentice of the tribe shaman, named Cruach. Cruach was like a father to Lars, mentoring him, training him in the ways of healing, teaching him right from wrong…
Lars was a quick learner and it was not long before he was adept at healing.
Lars quickly changed while under the care of the new tribe. He became very devout, even though he did not know what that word meant. No one in the tribe understood what devout meant with possible exception to (name).
Many talk of the Gods being dead, but Lars believes otherwise. He feels a connection with his goddess, Sarenrae.
Lars is also very useful at fixing gadgets/tools that broke. He quickly became the tinker in the village in addition to someone with a gift for healing.

Lars Godfrey

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