Half-Orc Ranger/Barbarian


Currently visibly equipped with: Greatsword (metal), Composite Longbow (with metal tipped arrows), Breastplate (metal) and ragged clothing.

Gato, his mountain lion companion of just a few weeks, trots along as well.


Raised and barely tolerated half-orc son of a human woman from “the island village”.

Initially treated as a pet (perhaps showing in the choice of his name), and though many still called him a monster, Petrik became a good resource for “the island village” as a hunter / trapper.

Grew up on “the island village” with Sciopor as both were treated as the black sheep of the island. Lots of getting picked on and fighting while growing up. Especially with a trio of boys named Ronald (second son of the town smithy), and Stinkle & Smeelok (twins). Petrik referred to the three as Runny, Stinky, and Smelly (which probably caused many of their fights).

Petrik was quite fond of Griann, daughter of the village leader, who was yet another cause of many fights with the boys.


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